May 6, 2016


Ron Johnson in 2016

Full episode of Big Trout in Big Waves with special guest Ron Johnson

Big Trout in Big Waves with special guest Ron Johnson (Preview)

Another episode of John Gillespie’s Waters & Woods show – Take  A Vet Fishing

Qualified for final cut with 8th Place finish at BASSMASTERS Oneida, NY

Follow link for live: BASSMASTERS Interview

Ron Johnson featured on John Gillespie’s Waters & Woods show.

In the media and at special events. Ron continues to build excitement and a following of fans across the country.

Ron working on the water! Recently RJ Fishing Pro has teamed up with drone experts to capture aerial coverage of Ron on the water. Keeping close with his sponsors and fans.

The Big One – In Ron’s fishing tales, the big one doesn’t always get away! Enjoy just a few of the monster fish that Ron skillfully landed.

RJ Fishing delivering big for sponsors even when not on the water. Aside from doing well in the pro circuit, Ron always appreciates interacting and giving back to his fans and friends.

Ron In Action – At work on the water. Action shots of Ron while doing what he does best!

Ron guest appearance on Waters & Woods